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We at Universal Crisis Intervention (U.C.I.) Extreme Intervention will meet the urgent needs of any family, loved one, co-worker, or friend through therapeutic intervention, treatment consultation and rehabilitation referral.UCI provides our expert services to an incredibly wide spectrum of locations.  We have hubs in CA, AZ, NM, CO, TX, FL & NY.

Please take our Drug and Alcohol Self Diagnosis Test to see if you or a loved one might be having a problem with substance abuse. We can turn a life threatening crisis into an opportunity for LIVING.

We provide experience around the world

You have to be ready at a moment’s notice when it comes to interventions. That’s why my team and I offer a rapid-response to every corner of the United States and Europe as well, including London. We are particularly experienced with handling cases in the New York area where we have uniquely trained extreme intervention team members (See Anthony Miranda’s Bio on Our Team page).

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We have perfected our technique, and are ready to be at your door at a moment’s notice.
  • We Keep Loved Ones Off the Street

We understand how powerless it feels to see a loved one lost drug addictions or destructive relationships.
Universal Crisis Intervention knows that struggling with an addiction can be a tumultuous struggle. We are here to assure you that recovery is possible and that freedom CAN BE YOURS.

  • We Keep Hope Alive

Despite what it looks like, recovery is possible. Our clinical methods help those suffering from addiction and trauma on the road to recovery.

Our Services

We are particularly experienced with handling cases in the New York area where we have uniquely trained extreme intervention team members

Our Locations

Quite simply, if you need an intervention we can respond in 24-48 hours. Although local counselors may be helpful, they often do not have the expertise to handle complex interventions. My team and I have over a thousand successful interventions under our belt.

The difference between local counselors and Universal Crisis Intervention is expertise. 

Meet Our Team

We are particularly experienced with handling cases in the New York area where we have uniquely trained extreme intervention team members

We are featured!

Intervention expert Evan “Bullet” James on the A&E TV series “The Extractors”
A&E Network’s The Extractors is a bold daring new series that follows a team of extreme crisis drug interventionists as they search, locate, intervene & transport troubled & addicted teens and young adults to rehab.
Evan “Bullet” James & Tony Pallotto on Dr. Drew discussing “Extreme Intervention”

Episode #221 With Evan James & Tony Palloto.
Click here to view the episode.

What Our Clients Say


If your loved one is missing, keeping companionship with a criminal element, living on the streets, or on the verge of imprisonment or death, we can facilitate a unique, individualized, leveraged intervention catered to your loved one’s dire situation.

An intervention is a strategically planned and executed action in which a positive change is applied to a person whose thoughts and behaviors have become detrimental to themselves and those around them.

Most professionals who have studied interventions, or implement them, tend to agree that Vernon Johnson first defined a necessity for intervention technique in the early 1960s. He thought family could unite and convince an addictive drinker to accept help for his ailment. Rev. Johnson, a pioneer in compassionate chemical dependency treatment wrote the 1973 milestone “I’ll Quit Tomorrow” as the blueprint for the various forms of interventions and their use then and today involving not only addictions to alcohol but also drugs, gambling, sex, self abusive behavior, eating disorders, violent rage, and more recently computers.

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